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What is Crack Injection? Why and When Do I Need It?

When cracks start to show you can guarantee that the water and elements are already well aware of its presence. Even if you find a crack that is not currently leaking, you can guarantee at some point it create an issue, whether it be in the form of a leak or damaging the steel reinforcement within the concrete.

Crack injections are a great way to fill that hole and make sure it does not leak. As soon as some water is added to a leak it can very quickly go from a small problem to a big one, in some cases undermining the very structure of your building. Water has a great way of finding out the weak points in your building and exposing them, so the longer a crack is left undiagnosed and untreated, the more long-term issues and costs that will be associated with it.

Crack injections have become a popular method in the repair of structural and foundation cracks.

Sometimes it’s quite simply the process of putting a resin into the crack, the resin then hardens and takes the place of the crack, essentially nullifying the crack.

What causes the cracks in the first place

You might be wondering what causes the cracks in the first place.

  • Concrete is a ridged structure, and as we know the earth is constantly moving and mother nature can often be unpredictable. Any movement can affect the foundations of a building causing cracks. When cracks are exposed they quickly enlarge when water is introduced into the equation.
  • Thermal expansion can also play a part.

The method

Depending on the crack you need to identify the best crack injection for the job at hand. Epoxy or polyurethane?

  • For more heavy weight cracks that are needed to maintain the structural integrity of your building, and the crack solution needs to be as hard, if not harder than the concrete you are patching, you can’t look past an epoxy crack injection.
  • If your waterproofing is compromised and water is leaking through the wall you would need to look at a polyurethane solution.

Classic Waterproofing are experts in waterproofing, and one thing we can guarantee is that a bad repair job will come back to haunt you, so make sure you speak to the experts to deal with the problem swiftly to prevent any further and future damage.

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