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The Differences Between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Pressure Waterproofing

Waterproofing has many facets to it. When you consider that in some cases we share our walls with many neighbours, our methods need to vary to incorporate different living environments and needs.

This leads us to positive and negative pressure waterproofing.

What is positive waterproofing?

This is where pressure is pushing it on to the substrate. So, for example you might be waterproofing a swimming pool to ensure that no water gets out.

Positive waterproofing is common place in bathrooms, swimming pools, on balconies and roof tops.

What is negative pressure waterproofing?

Negative side waterproofing is where the water pressure is pushing the membrane off the substrate from the underside. For example, if you have basement walls that are leaking from the outside in, you would need to carry out negative side waterproofing from inside the basement.

Whilst it is not the easiest of methods, you can benefit from negative pressure waterproofing, if you find a reputable and skilled waterproofing company like Classic Waterproofing.

Classic Waterproofing provide both positive and negative waterproofing solutions to our clients. Waterproofing is important to the structural integrity of your home and we ensure that no matter what the situation or need that arises that your building is always protected.

You might not know what to do, but we will.

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