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Keeping your home watertight and dry is essential if you want to avoid damage to your walls, ceilings and foundations. Even the smallest water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in remediation costs. So, if you are looking for simple waterproofing strategies to keep your home dry, here are some solutions from the team at Classic Waterproofing.

Use waterproof paint

There are lots of quality waterproof paints on the market that not only protect your internal walls from water damage but are also mould and mildew proof. Paint the walls and ceilings of spaces that are susceptible to water damage (such as bathrooms or finished basements), ensuring you apply multiple coats to avoid weak spots.

Clear gutters, roof tiles and downspouts

On the Gold Coast, it doesn’t take long for your gutters to fill up with leaves, sticks and other debris. Make sure you regularly clear your gutters and downspouts to prevent them from blocking up and causing overflow during the next rainstorm. Also ensure that your roof valleys are also clear to facilitate optimal runoff.

Insulate exposed pipes

Water supply pipes that are exposed to exterior walls are susceptible to freezing, sweating and other damage. On the Gold Coast, the biggest concern is preventing pipe sweating and humidity which can drip puddles on floors and contribute to higher internal humidity levels (especially in basements and crawlspaces). To insulate pipes, you can use foam pipe sleeves or strips of pipe wrap, add wall insulation, or insulate gaps where pipes penetrate walls.

Get professional waterproofing

Whether you are building a new home or are renovating your established home, all households must enlist the help of a fully licenced waterproofer in order to meet state legislation. This will ensure that your bathrooms, basements, decks and other wet areas are completely water resistant in order to avoid costly water damage.
Looking for professional waterproofing on the Gold Coast? Contact Classic Waterproofing today. We can install new waterproofing membranes in new builds or replace damaged waterproofing in established homes all in accordance with Australian Standards and guidelines.

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